The Flynn Family: 2013 Edition

It has been a particularly eventful year for the Flynn family, with big changes across the board! If you followed the link provided in your Christmas Card, we will assume you’re here for the details!  :) We hope you enjoy this non-traditional format, and look forward to hearing what you think!

Here’s what we’ve been up to in 2013 . . .


  • Meg is an 8th grader at St. Rita’s . . . her final year there!  She’s an honor student, and is serving her second term as a Royal Ambassador, giving school tours and helping out as a spokesperson for St. Rita School! Meg’s outgoing personality and kind spirit make her perfect for that role!
  • After what seemed like forever, Meghan finally got her braces off this summer and her million dollar smile is absolutely radiant! (Okay, maybe it didn’t cost a million dollars . . .but it sure seemed like it!)
  • Meghan loves to get involved in just about everything, much to her “taxi driver” mom’s dismay! At St. Rita’s, she plays on the volleyball team and is on the cheer/poms squad. She also does archery during the summer, and is on the Junior Curling team at the Racine Curling Club during the winter months.
  • Although she likes to dabble in many activities, her real passion is competitive cheerleading! After a year on the local Belle City All-Stars squad, this year she joined Rockstar Athletics in Oak Creek, and is doing an amazing job on the Junior Level 3 Radiance squad. The discipline and commitment to this sport is intense, but it is paying off for her in her athletic ability and level of fitness and flexibility! (And . . .let’s face it . . . there are a lot of sparkles in cheerleading . . . we think “Bling” may be her middle name . . . )


  • Reilly is a Junior at St. Catherine’s High School. He’s also an honor student and loves all things technology! When he’s not at school or hanging out with his (nerdy) friends, he is found in his room at his computer, headset on, chatting with his pals (across town or across the world) and generally crashing into or blowing up things. Virtually, of course.
  • Just last week, he got his Driver’s License! (Look out, world!) We’re hoping the “crashing into” and “blowing up” theme remains on his computer only . . .
  • Although he’s the quieter of the Flynn siblings, he still manages to be involved in many things at school:  Tech Club, the golf team, and the theater program as the Light Technician. In the summer, he also does archery at Racine Instinctive Bowmen.
  • Reilly, too, has a passion for a sport:  Curling. Reilly curls on the Junior Curling Team at the Racine Curling Club, and in an Open League with his dad on Sundays!  His real claim to fame this year was winning the championship at the Kettle Moraine Bonspiel in March, as part of a world-class team. When we learned that Reilly and his team had made the finals, the whole family raced to Kettle to enjoy the Olympic-caliber curling that ensued! (And, yes, you really have to be a curling geek to appreciate this!)


  • Michael has been working like a busy bee this year . . . and, as a result, was promoted to Manager of Training and Development at Trisept Solutions. But his work adventures don’t stop there!  By the time you all read this update, Mike will have just returned from 8 days in Abu Dhabi (yes . . . Abu Dhabi . . . ) where he led training for Etihad Airways.  (I personally think he volunteered for this trip to get himself out of Christmas shopping and gift wrapping, but he claims that’s not the case . . .)
  • And speaking of busy bees . . . 2013 was also the year that he decided to start a hive, raising his own honey bees!  When one of your other hobbies is making mead, where a lot of honey is required . . . why not produce your own?  (Well, with the help of a few thousand Russian honey bees, of course!)  It’s a fascinating endeavor, and we’ve all learned a lot!
  • As mentioned above, Mike is also involved in the sport of curling, and is on a league with Reilly on Sundays.  (Not everyone is aware, but Curling is a very social sport . . . that usually involves beer afterwards.  It was not a hard-sell to convince Mike this was the sport for him!)


  • In April, I finished a year-long program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am now a certified holistic health coach!  While I haven’t officially started seeing clients, I love to share my knowledge with family and friends, and want everyone to have the benefit of good health! [Sidenote: in lieu of Christmas cookies, we’ll be serving kale and chia smoothies this year! Wait! Come back . . .]
  • To that end, I’ve been very active in the Mayor’s Fitness Challenge in Oak Creek . . . helping to coordinate over 30 free fitness events that we’ve offered since September. It gives me a great feeling to know that I have, in part, helped hundreds of community members with their wellness journey!
  • Not to be outdone by my workaholic husband, I, too, have been working hard . . . and love my job more than ever!  In May, I celebrated my 19th year with the City of Oak Creek (How can that be, as I’m only 25 years old? Ahem . . .) and couldn’t be happier with the direction it has taken. In addition to the mapping that I’ve always done, I’ve been put in charge of coordinating and managing the city’s new branding efforts . . .  and have gotten to flex my creative muscles a bit more with photography, graphic design, and managing our social media pages!  Every day is truly a new adventure!

Mike, Reilly, Meghan and I hope that this year has brought each of you wonderful new adventures, as well!  Sending you all warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a bountiful 2014!

With love,

2013 Snapshots