The Gift Card has Landed!

So if you have been following the continuing story of our gift card drop, then you’ll be happy to know that our mission has been accomplished!

As we rounded the corner this morning, our friend was standing there at the bus stop all by his lonesome, so it was GAME ON!

Reilly quickly rolled down the window as I pulled to a stop next to this gentleman.  And with an “Excuse me, sir”, Ry held out his hand, extending the envelope to him.  “Paris” tentatively looked at the card, took a step forward, and then Ry handed it to him. Then we all said “Merry Christmas” and our friend’s confused face unclouded and he smiled and said, ‘Oh!  Thank you.”  He peered into the car further to see if he knew anyone, and I just smiled at him, wished him a Merry Christmas once again, and we drove away.

It was awesome.

I think the best part is trying to imagine what he’s thinking and feeling!  I just know, however, that the kids and I were feeling pretty darn good about our fun adventure in stalking Deliberate Acts of Kindness!


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4 Responses to The Gift Card has Landed!

  1. heather says:

    LOVE IT!!! And I know one thing…you guys made his day!!! (and I’m guessing your own too)!

  2. mandie says:

    SO fun! :) I’m so glad you shared your story!

  3. sandra says:

    so awesome!

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